Rorschach Devices


Rorschach Devices are designed with one purpose in mind: to bring out a side of you that you never knew existed.

Our pedals are hand-built, one at a time, in St. Louis Missouri. Each individual component is tested, agonized over, and tested again. Because we understand that the last thing discerning players want to do is spend their hard-earned cash on gear that’s status quo at best.

At Rorschach, we want to bring something new to the market—something gearheads, collectors and gigging musicians alike can really get excited about. That’s why we get super scientific with our building methodology.

Starting with time-tested circuits, we add features that we’ve always wanted in our stompboxes, ever careful to achieve that crucial balance of pure tone and stimulating possibility. And along the way, we’ve discovered that there’s more to building pedals than what you see—and hear—on the surface level.

With a Rorschach Device on your board, you may find your shredding just needed a bit more juice all along… Or that your soundscape-obsessed mind had an even bigger appetite for layering than you ever dreamed of…

The doctor’s in and your session begins now. So, plug in and hang on tight—because you might not recognize yourself once you’re through.

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