Rock N Roll Relics “Lightning” Cherry Sunburst Aged

Super cool, vibey Rock N Roll classic!

Suhr SL67 MkII 50W Tube Guitar Amplifier

With the addition of 3 vital switches and the all-new transparent Master volume circuit, the new SL MkIl series delivers the complete range of classic British tones at any volume.

ESP Horizon-I, Titan Metal

Built one at a time by the expert luthiers in the ESP Custom Shop, the Horizon-I is a return to the hand-crafted, high-performance guitars that put ESP on the map.

Magnatone Baby M-80 All-Tube, 12w Head

The Baby M-80 is the newest, smallest, and lightest-weight guitar amplifier in the Master Collection. This amp is more than fun to play!

Schecter Guitars Meegs (Coal Chamber) PT EX

The Meegs PT EX will handle everything from the hardest rock to the twangiest country.

Ampete 444 4×4 Amplifier and Cabinet Switching System

Switch your amplifiers to your cabinets in any combination without any sound degradation, switching noise or hum.

Effect Pedals

Shop our large selection of effect pedals from Universal Audio, MXR, Vertex, Red Panda, Tech 21, Eventide, and more!

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Incognito Guitars consists of a select group of industry professionals who have decades of experience in retail and as accomplished musicians. We like to think we pick up where other retailers leave off with our uncompromising standards and knowledge.

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