Bogner Custom Shop Helios JB45 All Tube Head, Matching Vertical 2×12 Speaker Cabinet

The Helios JB45 is firmly rooted in the praised early 60’s Blues and Rock area of electric guitar tone with the ability to reach into the glory of the 70’s classic rock area.

LEAK Audio Stereo 230 Integrated Amplifier

Carefully designed in line with the LEAK ethos of performance, reliability and craftsmanship, the LEAK STEREO 230 matches contemporary performance with stand-out, classic LEAK styling.

Engl E633 KT77 Ltd Fireball 25 All Tube Head

Engl E633 KT77 LTD Fireball 25 All-Tube Head

Unleash fiery tones with this limited-edition amp, delivering shimmering cleans and roaring crunch on the Clean channel, while the Lead channel ignites endless rock and metal possibilities.

Suhr SL68 MkII 100W Tube Guitar Amplifier

With the addition of 3 vital switches and the all-new transparent Master volume circuit, the new SL MkIl series delivers the complete range of classic British tones at any volume.

Magnatone Slash 100 All Tube Amp Head

The SL-100 takes the M-80 to the next level with the monstrous tone, gain and headroom that Slash requires.

Schecter PT Black Ops, Satin Black Open Pore

Engineered for performance, the PT Black Ops boasts cutting-edge features that cater to the needs of modern, proficient, and aggressive guitarists.

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Incognito Guitars consists of a select group of industry professionals who have decades of experience in retail and as accomplished musicians. We like to think we pick up where other retailers leave off with our uncompromising standards and knowledge.

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