Mission Engineering Inc.

Mission Engineering Inc. began in 2009 in a garage in Petaluma, California producing the Mission SP-1, the first switching expression pedal designed to work with the new generation of digital amps and effects.

Since then we have expanded to multiple locations, introduced the first programmable multi-expression controller, the first stereo full range active speaker for modeling devices, and numerous other innovative devices for musicians.

In 2015 we acquired the Stagecraft company. The factory in St. Louis builds speaker and amp cabinets for Mission and many other boutique amp designers.

Mission Engineering Inc. has the world’s largest range of professional quality expression pedals designed to work with the latest generation of digital amps, effects, and controllers. Mission expression pedals are used by the top name artists, studios and venues worldwide.

Mission volume pedals are designed to provide reliable performance with a wide variety of instruments and signal chains. From the hand wired VM-1 to the sophisticated buffered VM-PRO, Mission volume pedals won’t suck your tone.

Combining state of the art features such as bit perfect USB audio, Bluetooth wireless, and coaxial full range drivers with traditional hand crafted cabinets, Mission Gemini is space-age amplification. With a choice of mono and stereo, active and passive, and a range of different cabinet types, Gemini provides the perfect speaker solution for monitoring, recording, and performance with modeling amps and software based guitar systems.

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