ZVEX Effects

Founded in 1994, ZVEX has always had a reputation for creating otherworldly effects pedals that will simply transform any anaemic-sounding guitar and amp setup into flourishing sonic nirvana. They have to be heard to be believed!

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota; ZVEX Effects’ founder Zachary Vex has been often described by his peers as a “mad scientist” who abandons any conventional pedal norms and creates completely original and inspired circuits. ZVEX are most renowned for their diverse range of fuzz, distortion and boost pedals, but the company also produces modulation effects and even step sequencers.

ZVEX Effects arguably made its name with its legendary Fuzz Factory pedal, debuting in 1995. Considered a modern classic, ZVEX’s flagship Fuzz Factory remains incredibly popular for its spluttery ’60s-style fuzz sound that can be twisted and manipulated to offer a multitude of crazy, high-gain textures with glitchy overtones. Muse’s Matt Bellamy loves the Fuzz Factory so much, that he has its circuit fitted in most of his custom Manson guitars!

The ZVEX pedal range is currently split into two. Their USA offerings all feature unique hand-painted artwork, meaning that no two are identical! The ‘Vexter’ series encompasses all of ZVEX’s most famous pedal designs, but these stompboxes feature silk-screened artwork – making them more affordable.

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