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The roots of Xotic go back to 1996 in a small garage in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. San Fernando Valley 1998 Southern California

The one man company began by producing high-quality bass guitars and bass preamps. Xotic Basses needed a feature that set them apart from the competition and thus the built in Tri-Logic Bass Preamp was created.

Xotic’s low profile side project donned a new innovative and creative invention. The Robotalk 1 became the first pedal yet to be called Xotic. It set the precedent of boutique build and tone that remains with Xotic today!

All pedals created are to be constructed equally … of the highest quality in build and tone.

All pedals created are to be constructed with premium quality parts, extraordinary durability, and with great functionality using only carefully selected components that are thoroughly tested by our engineers.

This is what provides our instruments and accessories with their artistically satisfying sound.

The Robotalk 1 experiment was met with great success from pro and gigging artists around the world. Then in August of 2000, in order to further grow Xotic as a brand, the corporation Prosound Communications Inc. (PCI) was established as a parent company to acquire the Xotic brand.

At this point, marketing of Xotic Effects finally started and the Robotalk 1 along with the Xotic guitars and basses were made in larger quantities to meet increasing demand.

PCI’s main focus was exporting of other US made brands to Japan to fund the continual manufacturing.

The very next year Prosound Communications Inc. expanded overseas to Japan. There, PCI Japan helped with importation and furthering sales of Xotic guitars, basses, and pedals which garnered respect as products with amazing quality of tone.

From 2002-2005, the little business grew slowly and steadily.

Over those three years the Xotic AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp were introduced as the Tremendous Trio. With amazing success in the newest offerings, PCI decided to focus on Xotic as a brand and shifted all exporting to PCI Japan. With a breath of fresh air from the new dedication to Xotic a plethora of new basses, guitars, and effect pedals were introduced.

By 2009 Xotic’s brand came to be more recognized throughout the market and the demand for its products became too great for PCI to stay working out of a tiny garage in San Fernando Valley.

To make way for the future a change was needed and so PCI moved to its current production offices in Van Nuys, CA.

With its new headquarters established the company was enabled to kick into overdrive and by the end of the year Xotic released one of its best selling pedals to date, the Xotic EP Booster.

Today, Xotic continues to design and manufacture the world’s finest guitars, basses, and pedals. Xotic’s promise to their customers is to design and make products that not only sound great but also inspire them as artists.

Given the testimonials from players all over the world, it is easy to see why players count on Xotic for its history of quality, innovation, and attention to tone!

Xotic Management Philosophy

Prosound Communications Inc.(Xotic Guitars & Effects) strives through manufacturing and sales for musical instruments to grow and contribute to the global music fan on a long-term basis.

  • 1. Our work should be done for society and people. We do not cheat people or conduct business that may violate any laws.
  • 2. Our work should benefit both our company and our customers. We admonish any employees who sacrifice the customer in pursuit of the company’s benefit.
  • 3. Our work should be unique and unlike any others. We do not follow fads. We strive to be different and unique from all businesses and services by other companies.
  • 4. Our work should satisfy the needs of our end-users. We are always aware of who our valued customers are and the needs we should fulfill.
  • 5. Our work should be enjoyed! We strive to create an enjoyable environment and always try to do our work with a smile.
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