D’Addario Values

In our quest to achieve our Mission and Vision, we have a team of individuals who embody our core values and translate them into action every day.


You never stop your quest for learning.
You ask the challenging questions.
You never lose sight of the customers’ needs when developing innovative solutions.
You are obsessed with keeping a pulse on global trends and diverse perspectives.


You bring excitement and positive energy to the workplace in an infectious way.
You are passionate about delivering best-in-class practices to achieve company goals. You are a driving force for change.
You are genuine, honest and authentic in every aspect of how you behave.


You engage in transparent and honest communication with colleagues, customers and vendors.
You always act with sincerity and integrity.
You are not afraid to acknowledge your mistakes and stay humble.
You remain fair and respectful, even when you disagree with others.


You embrace differences and welcome all contributions.
You treasure respect, trust and teamwork in pursuit of common goals.
You put your self-interest aside for the greater good.


You are dedicated to meeting your commitments to customers, vendors and colleagues on time, every time.
You are a global citizen and a model of environmental and social responsibility.
You inspire others to be the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.
You take ownership of your actions and hold yourself accountable for achieving the highest level of performance.

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