Red Panda

Red Panda designs and manufactures DSP-based pedals for experimentally minded musicians. We create algorithms that behave in an organic and natural way – effects that can warp, twist and bend your sound in new ways, but stay musical and in control. Our effects combine modern signal processing techniques with the character of classic digital hardware.

Red Panda started in 2009 with a bitcrusher. In 2011 we released the Particle, which has been recognized as the first granular delay pedal. The Particle brought granular synthesis from the computer to the stage, encouraging interactive sound design while allowing you to remain focused on your playing.

We are an intentionally small team that uses an engineering-based, methodical approach to product development, built around deep algorithm research and user-centered design. Our manufacturing process balances craftsmanship and highly accurate automated manufacturing to ensure reliability. Every pedal is assembled and tested in our metro Detroit workshop.

We are now building our second generation of pedals, adding stereo input and output, programmable presets, full MIDI control, and a web-based editor for advanced tweaking and configuration. The controls are carefully designed to be as intuitive as possible, while still offering a vast range of adjustability and a diverse palette of sounds.

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