KHDK begins…

It feels like a long time ago. We grew up taking odd jobs and saving money to buy gear. We grew up trading guitar pedals to try out as many as possible. We grew up loving music and sound – and through the years, this love remained.
Nocturnal Beginnings

In 2012, we found ourselves in Prague drinking too many of the world’s best beers and discussing tone.

In the early hours of the morning, we decided it was a brilliant idea to breathe fresh air (with sulphuric notes of the underworld) into the world of guitar effects.
“Let’s Build Some Crazy Shit!”

Through a good friend and one of the best guitar techs out there, Jason Baskin, we found the future KHDK head engineer, Antonin Salva.

Antonin is industry insiders’ tone wizard who has worked with greats like Billy Corgan. So we showed up on his doorstep and told him that we’re starting a pedal company and does he want to join? Getting him on board was easy – like us, he is a total gear nerd.
But Not Everything Was That Easy

The process involved parting ways with a manufacturer after they had already completed the first full run of our pedals because they didn’t deliver the quality we needed…so back to square 1 we went.

Finally, we found the perfect partner to produce our pedals.

In Paducah, Kentucky, a family-run factory works with us every step of the way, crafting our pedals based on Antonin’s design. They even plug in and test each pedal off the production line.
Making Pedals For Gearheads

Our pedals aren’t conceived based on market research or toying with the latest technology. They are born over a glass of beer, from the high you get after the best show you’ve ever played. And more often than not, by making weird noises with your mouth.
What Does Your Perfect Tone Sound Like?

When we set out to create our own pedals, we knew we weren’t building for the masses; KHDK is a passion project, a mad scientist lab where we can hang out with friends, kick ideas around and capture the best ones inside metal boxes with a soldering iron.

We are incredibly proud to send KHDK pedals into the world to rockstars of today and of the future. We want them to plug in, feel the rush of inspiration that gave rise to KHDK, and pay homage to our ultimate love: the electric guitar.


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