For over 40 years, MXR has been a name that is synonymous with guitar effects pedals. Their dynamic and innovative effects continue to inspire musicians young and old with their quality, craftsmanship, and, most importantly, killer tones. Co-founded in 1972 by Terry Sherwood and Kith Barr in Rochester New York, MXR grew out of an audio repair business the two had set up after meeting in high school. These experiences lead them to developing the first MXR pedals and business expanded from there. In 1987, Jim Dunlop acquired MXR and has carried on their legacy, still releasing the traditional pedals that defined the brand, while continuing to push it forward with new and exciting effects.

A quick glance of acts and artists that make use of MXR pedals reveals a staggeringly diverse group of musicians. Acts such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Bad Religion, Linkin Park, Frightened Rabbit, Motorhead, HAIM, Coheed & Cambria and more all stomp on MXR effects pedals to get the most out of their sound on the stage and in the studio.

Far and away, the most popular pedals MXR offers are, to be blunt, pretty badass. Of course, we’re referring to the M78 Custom Badass ’78 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal, the M75 Super Badass Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal, and the M77 Custom Modified Badass Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal. The ’78 simply roars when you stomp it on, cranking out thick, old-school distortion. From soaring leads to hot rocking rhythms, this Custom Badass really kicks. The Super Badass offers highly responsive full-spectrum distortion that replicates everything from the low gain overdrive of early 70s metal all the way through to today’s modern “scooped” metal sound. Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher certainly has high praise for the Super Badass, particularly for its “Great warm crunch with lots of headroom.” The Custom Badass Modified O.D. is a serious overdrive pedal with 100HZ of cut and boost control for incredible flexibility with your sound. Whether on its own or paired with other pedals, your tones will never sound better than with the Modified O.D.

We’re hardly even scratching the surface here when it comes to the incredible pedals MXR has to offer. From the barrage of a full on metal assault, to the nuanced intricacies of delays and phasers, MXR has your sonic experience covered with its line of guitar effects.

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