Diezel Amplification is a small family business founded by Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer.

In 1992 we wanted to create guitar amps that we would play ourselves. And that’s how it´s been ever since.

In a world full of high-gain guitar amp heads, the flagship Diezel VH4 continues to sit comfortably at the top. The VH4 100-watt head was meticulously engineered to be the most flexible amp of its time, boasting enough player-friendly features to become the centerpiece of any player’s rig. After decades on the market, the VH4’s design still holds true. With four completely independent channels that range from sparkling clean to frightening levels of gain, there is no sound you can’t get from the amp. With its multiple effects loop and MIDI-based switching, the VH4 easily earns its iconic reputation.

Check one out today or explore Diezel’s inspiring sonic catalog!

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