Mint condition Diezel Amps Lil Fokker 100 watt Head

2 Channels! 100 Watts! Great Price!

High Gain Tube Guitar Amplifier!

All the fun of a VH4 or Herbert with a more affordable price point!

No sacrifice in quality! Just the tone and basic features you need to melt some faces!

Lil Fokker is the newest addition to the Diezel Amplification lineup! Compared to its feature-laden big brothers- VH4 and Herbert – with their oodles of midi switchable features, endless effects loops and more channels than a premium cable TV package, the Lil Fokker is a simple 100 watt / 2 channel amp. While it is less expensive and has fewer features than the VH4 or Herbert, make no mistake! This is a full-fledged Diezel amplifier and it has all the tone and features you need for pretty much any situation. Two channels – each with fully independent Bass, Treble, Middle, Gain and Volume controls. There are Dual Global Master Volume controls – which are foot-switchable as well as the two channels – with a normal 2-button footswitch. There are also global Deep and Presence controls as well as a serial effects loop.

Channel 1 covers everything from Clean to Heavy Crunch. Channel 2 is a blend of the VH4’s channel 3 or Herbert’s channel 2 with about 20% more gain on tap. This amp has so much face melting bottom blasting low end punch it could be considered a weapon of mass destruction. But it’s also tight and focused, extremely dynamic and responsive and just overall great sounding. I think by cutting out a lot of the fat from the VH4 or Herbert Diezel has actually created a more pure tone machine. And all you have to do is plug in an turn up – no college degree required.

Features of the Lil Fokker 100 watt tube guitar amplifier head from Diezel Amps

•100 Watts
•2 Channels
•Serial Effects Loop
•Dual Footswitch for Channel / Master Select
•Presence control
•Deep Control
•4x KT77 Power Tubes
•5x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

This amp has a rich resolution in the midrange preamp section but no loss concerning response, presence and low end.