Ashdown Engineering MF 484 2.N 30W Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Ashdown Engineering MF 484 2.N 30W Tube Guitar Combo Amp



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Combining the classic tone of valve amps and the modern technology of amp modelling, the MF 484 2.N. delivers a one-stop solution for all modern day guitarists.


Combining the classic tone of valve amps and the modern technology of amp modelling, the MF 484 2.N. delivers a one-stop solution for all modern day guitarists.

All Valve Amp
Rated at 30-Watts, the MF484 2.N. provides loads of headroom for great sparkling clean tones, while the switchable boost adds enough growl for the heaviest of rockers. Bass, Middle, Treble and a presence rotary controls allow you to shape the  tone to your liking. Volume & Gain controls give you plenty of control for overall output volume. A 6-way rotary knob allows for selection of one of the 6 pre-set Emulated cabinets.


PRE – 1 x  ECC81 – 1 X  ECC82 – 2 x  ECC83

POWER – 4 X EL84

The Torpedo Technology
To bring you realism and playing comfort, Two notes has developed a unique technology based on an adaptation of convolution techniques. Starting with the measurement of an actual cabinet and microphone setup, the embedded Two notes Torpedo can accurately reproduce the system as it was measured, as well as the microphone’s position in space.

  • Output Power – 30 watts
  • On-board Two Notes cabinet IR simulation
  • Valves – 1 x ECC81 / 1 x ECC82 / 2 x ECC83 / 4 x EL84
  • Size (WxHxD) – 650mm x 170mm x 245mm
  • Weight – 10kg/22lbs
On-board Two Notes Torpedo
With the built in Two Notes Torpedo you can choose IR cabinet emulators modelled on 6 well known speaker cabinets. It’s also a load box so there’s no need to connect the valve head to a cabinet in the studio.
There are two instrument inputs, UK has a more compressed and tight classic British tone. The US input has great headroom producing a cleaner tone.
Edit and update your on-board IR cabinets with USB input or even use Bluetooth with the APP, available from the iOS App & Google Play stores. You can also charge your devices using the USB CHARGE socket. A direct balanced Torpedo IR output allows you to send to to your studio interface or front of house. Midi in & Out allows you to control your amp IR’s with a midi foot-switch (available seperately).
Wether you’re using 4 or 8 ohm speakers both are provided for, with a direct DI output and a headphone out we’ve got you covered for outputs. The Torpedo line in XLR lets you re-amp recordings back into the Torpedo.
With the possibilities of such a diverse offering in terms of hard and software applications with the Torpedo range from the Captor X, Wall of Sound and the C.A.B. M+ As well as the user interface via the connected Two notes Torpedo Remote available via the App Store and Google Play. Ashdown have partnered with the right company to ensure a future proof offering of cab simulations and software solutions.
From a 1952 Filmosound to the latest official Ashdown
Engineering® cabinet series, Two notes have always pushed the envelope to capture the full diversity of guitar and bass cabinets.
Impulse responses are everywhere, everyone makes them but
they all share the same problem… They are static. If you don’t like the tone when using regular IRs, or want to tweak something, you have no option but to remove it and then load another.

To get a comprehensive selection of tonal options you have to have gigabytes of .wav files stored locally. Every time you want to change something you have to trawl through a massive library to find ‘the one’. This means you invariably end up using the same few IRs over and over and your mixes start to sound stale and predictable. Two notes have always viewed this as standing in the way of creativity. To challenge this disruption to the workflow, we created a more dynamic version of the IR.

Meet DynIR, available for use with your Torpedo Hardware and Software.

You’d need a library of 160k perfectly phase-aligned studio-grade IR files to replicate each Two notes Virtual Cabinet. The magic with DynIR is that you don’t see any of it, you just move the mic around the cabinet in real time and hear the changes, as they happen.
Real time mic placement:
You can place the mics wherever you want around any Virtual
Cabinet. It’s not only much easier than comparing hundreds of standard IR files separately, it allows you to monitor how your tone changes while you move each microphone with your finger.
Front or Back:
Nothing give more depth and power to your tone than blending in a mic placed round the back of a cab. The true essence of flawless tone comes from taking the front mic’s precision and clarity and adding the unique thump and thickness only the back of the cabinet provides.
Dual Micing:
Each DynIR Virtual Cabinet is packed with 8 microphones carefully picked to bring out the uniqueness and character of the captured cabinet. From industry-standard Dynamic microphones, to prestigious Condensers all the way to antique Ribbons, there’s a world of tones to explore within each DynIR Virtural Cabinet. With Dual-Micing, you’ll achive perfect tones quickly and effortlessly.
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