Marshall SC20H Studio Classic 20W All-Tube Head

Marshall SC20H Studio Classic 20W All-Tube Head

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The Marshall Studio Classic 20W tube amp head delivers the full spectrum of JCM800 2203 tone from rich and full cleans to heavier driven aggressive sounds in a portable format.


Get the unmistakable JCM®800 roar without upsetting the neighbours with the SC20H. This 20W head captures the spirit of the JCM800 range at a smaller size. Perfect for playing in the studio, or at home with the power reduction option set to 5W, make sure to pair the SC20H with one of our Studio cabinets for a small but perfectly formed Marshall rig.

UK-made and all-valve

The SC20H is made in the very same factory as the JCM800s have been since they were first introduced in the 80s. The instantly recognisable tone is driven by two ECC83 preamp valves, an ECC83 phase splitter and two EL34 valves in the power amp.

No Crew Required

The SC20H is significantly smaller and lighter than its 100W counterparts, making it easy to transport. Complete the setup with the compact SC112 or SC212 cabinets.

Single channel simplicity

Choose either the high input or low input to suit your guitar and style. Ride the preamp volume to take you from warm cleans to barky overdrive and take that iconic Marshall tone anywhere. Just like the older JCM800s, the Studio Classic® features a master volume control for those that want to ramp up the sound. There’s also an effects loop for easily personalising your sound.

Power reduction

Choose between 20W and 5W power output at the flick of a switch. Perfect for jumping from the rehearsal room to the living room and back again.


• Power: 20W (tube)
• Power switching from 20W to 5W
• Tubes: two 12AX7 (preamp); one 12AX7 (phase splitter); two EL34 (power amp)
• Single channel
• Two inputs
• Controls: 3-band EQ, presence, volume, master
• Effects loop
• DI output
• Speaker outputs: 4, 8, 16 ohm

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Weight 1 lbs


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