Based on an amp that inspired generations of iconic guitarists, the 1959SLP. Marshall Studio Vintage amps deliver the unmistakeable tone shaping and harmonics that are expected from the 1959SLP in a portable format. You can play anything from saturated blues tones to biting leads for classic rock. Studio Vintage amps provide four separate inputs for you to blend your sound, distinctive EQ settings including presence control, a DI output and power reduction.

Power: 20W (Tube)
Power Switching from 20W to 5W
Tubes: Two 12AX7 (Preamp); One 12AX7 (Phase Splitter); Two EL34 (Power Amp)
Single Channel
Four Inputs
Controls: 3-Band EQ, Presence, Volume
DI Output
Speaker Outputs: 4, 8, 16 Ohm

This is the new Marshall SV212 cabinet, designed to be used with the SV20H or as an extension cab for the SV20C – this British built cabinet is made to drive home the iconic 1959SLP tones of the Studio Vintage amplifier! The speakers are two 12″ Celestion V-Type speakers, with an 8ohm input jack and classic Marshall looks that include a basketweave grille with gold piping!

52.6 lbs, 20.9″x29.5″x12.2″
Celestion V-Type (16Ω, 70W) Speakers
140W Power Handling