MoFi Electronics MasterPhono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

MoFi Electronics MasterPhono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier


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MoFi’s MasterPhono MM/MC phono preamplifier offers analog lovers optimization with any cartridge as well as unparalleled flexibility, dead-quiet operation, and remote-controllable ease.

2 in stock


Designed to attain master-tape quality playback and engineered by MoFi Product Development Engineer Peter Madnick, the Mobile Fidelity Electronics MasterPhono MM/MC phono preamplifier offers analog lovers optimization with any cartridge as well as unparalleled flexibility, dead-quiet operation, and remote-controllable ease. Custom-made in the U.S.A., this reference component puts an end to the hassles of cartridge matching and invites users to experiment with as many options as they desire. And though MasterPhono’s flexibility puts it in a class of its own, its sonic aptitude is of equal importance.

True to Mobile Fidelity tradition, MasterPhono adds no artifacts to original program material and exhibits levels of clarity, smoothness, and detail retrieval that help convey the full potential of every LP — particularly audiophile reissues and sought-after original pressings. Seeking a phonostage that will help reveal details, dynamics, and nuances on LPs you think you know backwards and forwards? MasterPhono is created to do just that — and remind you of the fun and discovery that should be involved anytime you spin a record.

Equipped with uncommon features such as passive RIAA equalization, switchable gain (four settings), and two input topologies — one voltage type and one current-source type — MasterPhono also benefits from a fully discrete, balanced, wide-bandwidth, all-FET input and output stage; fully regulated and shielded internal power supply with dedicated left and right channels; internal relay switching circuitry; and programmable relay-controlled loading and gain settings. A thick aluminum front panel frames a pair of meters that provide VU information as well as VTA and azimuth calibration points for cartridge setup.

Needless to say, MasterPhono looks spectacular. Its classically inspired architecture relates to its functionality, whether involving the practical VU meters, triad of back-panel inputs, pair of ground connections, or string of front-panel LED indicators. Mute and filter buttons further add to its versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate with practically any system — as well as gear you might acquire in the future. And unlike many high-end phono preamplifiers, MasterPhono is easy to operate and set up. It also comes with the benefit of remembering specific settings, including those you input for different cartridges and/or tonearms.

Much of MasterPhono’s aptitude owes to the expertise harbored by its designer. Touting nearly four decades of experience in high-end audio and a resume that includes some of the most acclaimed phono-related products of the 21st Century, Madnick brings levels of insight and incisiveness that only come with time. In the case of MasterPhono, he took advantage of the luxuries of not having to meet a hard deadline — and the permission to work from a truly clean slate. The result speaks for itself.

Ready for professional use and consumer playback, MasterPhono represents a major advancement in American audio design and a big step closer to bringing the sound of the studio into your home. Contact Music Direct to learn how you can audition it in your home risk-free — and hear for yourself how much better analog can be with MasterPhono in your chain.

  • Fully discrete from input to output
  • Single ended RCA and Balanced XLR output
  • Switchable Gain 40db/50db/60db/70db
  • Passive RIAA using NOS polystyrene and polypropylene film/foil capacitors
  • Standard signal input via RCA & XLR (Voltage Input)
  • 10 position loading adjustment, including “Custom” via RCA plug
  • “Current input” via RCA or XLR for low


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