Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact


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The RevivalDRIVE Compact is all about real amp overdrive – replicating every stage of a valve amp’s signal path using all-analogue components

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The RevivalDRIVE Compact uses the same ground-breaking Analogue Amp Recreation circuitry found in the “big box” RevivalDRIVE, condensed into a smaller, more intuitive, pedalboard-friendly package. A streamlined set of controls make it easy to dial in a variety of stunningly realistic vintage valve amp tones, while the powerful Post-Drive EQ lets you adjust your overdrive tone to suit your preferred amp and settings, not the other way around.


  • Complete valve amp-style signal path with dedicated class-A preamp and push-pull output stage
  • Variable negative feedback to fine-tune breakup characteristics or boost presence
  • Reactive design simulates interaction between amp and speaker for realistic feel and authentic sound
  • Accurately recreates power supply sag for subtle, natural compression
  • Full control of tone, dynamic response and distortion characteristics
  • Interactive Blend control backs off the gain as you add dry signal, for the most natural sound
  • Tour-grade, all-metal construction
  • Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ
  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching
  • Designed and assembled by hand in England
  • Designed and built in England


The RevivalDRIVE Compact is all about real amp overdrive. By replicating every stage of a valve amp’s signal path using all-analogue components, with specially designed transistor-based circuitry in place of valves, the RevivalDRIVE Compact delivers stunningly realistic tone, feel and dynamic response, ranging from clean to fully cranked. Control preamp voicing, break-up characteristics and low-frequency distortion – all the key components that shape a great amp tone.

The MORE PRES control is a hugely powerful tool when designing the perfect vintage amp tone. By affecting negative feedback, this control lets you adjust the breakup characteristics and dynamic response, as well as functioning as a classic presence knob. This is where the real character of an amp’s tone is created. Gradual touch-sensitive breakup, rough and raucous overdrive, percussive hard-edged distortion or bright searing leads. It’s all down to how you set this control.

The RevivalDRIVE’s ingenious HIGHS control is way more than just a treble control. It allows you to move through the go-to settings of iconic non-master volume amps, shaping the overall character of your sound, while the LOWS control dictates how much low end hits the pedal’s recreated push-pull output stage, sweeping effortlessly between fatter or tighter vintage tones. To add yet more versatility, the BLEND knob introduces some unaffected signal, as well as subtly lowering gain, helping the RevivalDRIVE Compact meld with amps of the edge of breakup.

The built-in Post-Drive EQ means you don’t have to compromise your favourite amp settings to get the perfect drive sound from the RevivalDRIVE Compact. This proprietary filter lets you tailor the output of the pedal to work with just about any amp, as well as flat-response power amps, cabinet simulators and recording interfaces.

Housed in a hand polished, brushed stainless steel enclosure and furnished with aluminium controls, Neutrik® jack sockets and heavy-duty footswitch, the RevivalDRIVE Compact is at equally home on the road and in the studio.

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