Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Custom

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Custom



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The RevivalDRIVE recreates a valve amp-style signal path in all-analogue electronics to provide a realistic tonal response, touch-sensitive drive characteristics, and elusive ghosting overtones.


Analogue Amp Recreation

When it comes to electric guitar tone, nothing beats the sound of a vintage valve amp. The RevivalDRIVE Custom recreates a valve amp-style signal path in all-analogue electronics to provide a realistic tonal response, touch-sensitive drive characteristics, and elusive ghosting overtones.

The RevivalDRIVE Custom’s two channels each deliver a wide range of British and American amp flavours, from clean to fully cranked. Intuitive controls let you go under the hood to tweak every aspect of the amplifier, from preamp shape to power amp breakup, even down to the sag and ripple of the HT supply. With amp-like playing feel and realistic harmonics, this is the ultimate analogue amp recreation.


  • Two channels of authentic valve amp tone

  • Variable negative feedback to fine-tune breakup characteristics or boost presence

  • Unique Ghost control recreates the “ghost note” effect encountered when cranking certain vintage amps, subtly thickening up solos

  • Reactive design simulates interaction between amp and speaker for realistic feel and authentic sound

  • Assignable mid-boost to cut through on stage

  • Comprehensive Re-Amp EQ section to seamlessly match RevivalDRIVE Custom to the rest of your rig

  • Tour grade, all metal construction

  • High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching

  • Supports switcher system integration

  • Designed and built in England


The RevivalDRIVE Custom contains a complete valve amp-style signal path with dedicated class-A preamp, a long-tailed pair phase inverter, and a push-pull output stage. Each part has been designed to reproduce not one, but many different amplifier sounds, putting incredible tone-shaping power at your fingertips. Recreate your favourite vintage amps or get creative with new and exciting combinations.

Amplifier tone starts with the preamp, and this stage can fundamentally re-shape your signal. Select from a range of voicing and bright-cap options to configure the RevivalDRIVE Custom’s Class-A preamp stage. Use the LOWS control to sweep effortlessly between fatter or tighter vintage tones.

Origin Effects’ Reactive Drive Technology adds another level of realism, replicating the frequency-dependent effects of a loudspeaker on the non-linear performance of a valve power amp. We’ve applied this to our push-pull, high-voltage output stage, built with meticulously hand-selected discrete JFETs, to achieve sound quality unmatched by conventional pedal designs.

The MORE PRES control is a hugely powerful tool when designing the perfect vintage amp tone. By affecting negative feedback, this control lets you adjust the breakup characteristics and dynamic response, as well as functioning as a classic presence knob. This is where the real character of an amp’s tone is created. Gradual touch-sensitive breakup, rough and raucous overdrive, percussive hard-edged distortion or bright searing leads. It’s all down to how you set this control.

Have you experienced the other-worldly overtones of a cranked Twin or an early Plexi? The RevivalDRIVE Custom is the only pedal to recreate the subtle “ghosting” effect heard when the guitar signal interacts with mains hum from a struggling power supply. Increasing the GHOST control not only brings out these elusive “ghost notes” but also increases the rectifier “sag” in the RevivalDRIVE Custom’s power supply. Get tight, modern chord definition from the Silicon channel, or switch to the Valve channel for smooth, natural compression.

The RevivalDRIVE Custom features an expanded Re-Amp EQ, letting you tailor the output of the pedal with absolute precision. Hi-Shelf and Bright-Cap Cut filters are both enhanced with additional frequency options, selectable via front-mounted toggle switches. The EQ2 controls also benefit from more tweakability, with an adjustable “tilt” control, three frequency positions, and two operating modes. The result is prefect compatibility with any amp, as well as flat-response power amps, cabinet simulators and recording interfaces.

Housed in a hand polished, brushed stainless steel enclosure and furnished with aluminium controls, Neutrik® jack sockets and heavy-duty footswitch, the RevivalDRIVE Custom is at equally home on the road and in the studio.


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