The Clockwork Echo Delay pedal from Rockett Pedals brings the magic of old-school design to the modern era. Clockwork Echo features enhanced functionality that allows you to explore vintage delay with even more nuance and flexibility. Along with Mix, Level, Speed, Depth and more, the Clockwork Echo also includes a powerful Modulation feature that delivers amazing sounds from chorus to Leslie tones and a bunch of craziness in between. Using this feature in a typical fashion achieves the lush wow and flutter of an old tape echo, but it is also switchable so it can be brought out on the fly or removed just as fast.

MIX – Use this to blend your dry signal with your wet signal
LEVEL – Use this to control the pedal’s output level. This function works even if the delay is not engaged giving you a very nice push. The delay will always stay relative to the volume output so you will not have an out of balance mix between the two.
TIME – Use this to control the delay time
REPEATS – Use this to control the amount of repeats. Go from one repeat all the way to crazy oscillation.
MODULATION: This is a very powerful feature that can achieve stunning sounds. Set the repeats to the shortest (all the way left) set the delay time as well to its shortest setting (all the way left) and then start playing with the speed and depth.
SPEED – Use this to control the speed of the vibrato
DEPTH – Use this to control the depth of the vibrato