Schecter Justin Beck Ani Signature model guitar, Gloss Natural

Schecter Justin Beck Ani Signature model guitar, Gloss Natural


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The Schecter Justin Beck Ani electric guitar delivers the comfort, tone and playability demanded by professional musicians.

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Designed in collaboration with Glassjaw guitarist Justin Beck, the Schecter Justin Beck Ani electric guitar delivers the comfort, tone and playability demanded by professional musicians. Built with a lightweight swamp ash body and bolt-on maple neck, this signature model guitar provides resonant acoustic tone and bright, articulate amplified sound ideal for hard rock and metal. Two custom Schecter USA Apocalypse humbucking pickups, along with a coil-splitting push-pull knob, let you shape your tone for everything from pristine cleans to blistering distortion. With its fast maple fingerboard, vintage C-shaped neck and thin tapered body, the Justin Beck Ani encourages effortless shredding up and down the neck. Whether you’re a fan of Beck’s influential playing style or simply want a superbly crafted electric guitar built for speed, the Justin Beck Ani has you covered.

The Schecter Justin Beck Ani gets its vibrant acoustic properties from a swamp ash body. Lightweight and resonant, swamp ash emphasizes treble and clarity. You’ll hear more articulation and detail from each note, perfect for intricate chord voicings and complex riffs. The bright, focused sound cuts through a mix nicely. When you need to stand out during a busy live set or dense studio track, this signature Schecter electric guitar will shine.

The Justin Beck Ani features a bolt-on maple neck topped with a maple fingerboard for optimal resonance and articulation. Maple has a crisp attack that brings each note to life, especially when amplified. The smooth satin finish on the back of the neck lets your hand glide effortlessly up and down the fingerboard. Jumbo 24 frets give you room to shred all the way up to the body. With its fast 14″ radius, the fingerboard facilitates complex chording and lightning-fast runs. The vintage C-shaped neck has an inviting contour that fits comfortably in your hand. Overall, the Ani’s maple neck and fingerboard deliver the snap and playability demanded by the most technical players.

Schecter designed the Apocalypse humbucking pickups specifically for the Justin Beck Ani, providing exceptional clarity and a wide range of usable tones. The neck pickup delivers robust lows and singing highs perfect for rhythm work. Switch to the hotter bridge pickup and you’ll get biting treble and focused mids that are ideal for metal soloing. Toggle between pickups to go from glassy cleans to face-melting distortion. A push-pull pot adds coil-splitting, letting you tap into single-coil tones with increased brightness and attack. Sculpt your sound with the master volume and tone knobs. Whether you want pristine cleans, gutsy crunch or searing leads, the Ani’s pickups have you covered.

From its ergonomic body to easy-playing neck, the Justin Beck Ani electric guitar is purpose-built for shredding. The thin, contoured swamp ash body won’t weigh you down and provides resonant acoustic properties. Custom Schecter USA humbuckers offer exceptional clarity and versatility, with coil-splitting for even more tonal options. The bolt-on maple neck provides bright, articulate tone and silky playability. Other player-friendly features include a thin tapered nut, locking tuners for rock-solid intonation and a comfortable vintage C profile neck. If you’re looking for fast playability and great tone in a signature model guitar, the Justin Beck Ani delivers.

As a nod to the year Glassjaw formed, the Ani features a classy custom “1993” inlay at the 12th fret. This personalized appointment honors Beck’s role in the influential post-hardcore band. The bold, stylized numbers stand out in clean contrast to the ebony fingerboard. Visually, the inlay provides an eye-catching reference point as you riff up and down the neck. Conceptually, it represents Glassjaw’s continuing impact on modern rock. Much like the band’s game-changing output, the Ani guitar carries tradition forward with trailblazing vision.

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  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Hard rock maple bolt-on neck with two carbon fiber reinforcement rods
  • Hard rock maple fingerboard
  • Black block inlay with “1993” inlay at 12th fret
  • Vintage “C” neck shape
  • Custom Schecter USA Apocalypse Pickups
  • D’Addario “Auto-Trim” locking tuners
  • Schecter Diamond Vintage Tremolo

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