Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Deluxe Pedal

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Deluxe Pedal



The Vapor Trail Deluxe analog delay pedal combines a 100% analog tone with vast digital control. And that’s just a start.


The Vapor Trail Deluxe builds on the proud legacy of our original Vapor Trail analog delay pedal. Its warm Bucket Brigade repeats and 3-dimensional modulation continues to inspire guitarists around the world. But its expanded control, new sonic modes, and storable preset locations make the Vapor Trail Deluxe analog delay one of a kind.

100% Analog, Bucket Brigade Tone

The Vapor Trail Deluxe offers 100% analog warmth and character. And with four of the largest Bucket Brigade chips in production, it delivers enhanced tone and increased delay times up to 1.2 seconds. Those chips are also responsible for the pedal’s modulation that goes from a subtle shimmer to rotary speaker-like warble with ease.

Total Control

We worked hard to give the Vapor Trail Deluxe an inspiring analog tone. But we were just getting started. We’ve also outfitted the pedal with tap tempo with subdivisions, expression pedal control, and delay tails on/off options for letting your repeats carry over. And once you’ve dialed in your perfect repeats, you can store them for on the fly recall in one of three preset locations.

Limitless Ambient Inspiration

The Vapor Trail Deluxe is also the perfect platform for ambient sonic exploration. First, we carried over the original’s Wet Insert for adding your own outboard effects to the repeated signal. Then we added four new modes that push the boundaries of analog delay.

Micro Delay

Extremely fast repeats for replicating double-track, slapback, and Leslie speaker-like effects.

Pitch Sequence

Introduces up and down octaves in eight customizable, rhythmic sequences.

Pitch Bender

Puts dive-bomb and glissando control at the tap of your toe.


The endless repeats and building energy of runaway delay with effortless control.

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