The new Ivy League is a loving recreation of the classic 5F10 Fender Harvard style amplifier. Every aspect of the original model is reproduced in the Ivy League; triple inputs, 6AT6 7 pin preamp tube, twin 6V6 power tubes and dual 10″ Eminence Legend custom speakers. Like all Victorias, the Ivy League features all USA made components including resistors, capacitors, transformers, wire and hardware! (USA made vacuum tubes included when available.) This one in particular comes in a cool, custom V-front cabinet.

14 Watts of Power
5F10-type circuit
High, Med and Low inputs
Tubes: 1 X 5Y3 (NOS) 2 X 6V6 (TS) 1 X 12AX7, 1 X 6AT6 (NOS)
Speaker: 2-Eminence Legend 10″ speakers
Cabinet size (HxWxD): 16.5 x 20 x 9.5