Victory Amplification The Deputy 25 | 25-watt Tube Head

Victory Amplification The Deputy 25 | 25-watt Tube Head



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Victory Amps proudly unveils ‘The Deputy’ compact head, designed in collaboration with Pete Honore. This single-channel amplifier is a testament to simplicity, delivering a pure and powerful Classic Rock experience while maintaining Victory’s core values of simplicity in design and sound.

The ethos of The Deputy was simple: let’s create a small amplifier that can transition seamlessly from 60’s blues clean to classic late 60’s/early 70’s Rock with the least resistance. The three-way voice and bright switch add extra versatility, and there is an expansive reverb built in.

Simple, concise, and straight to the point, The Deputy is all about ‘plug and play’ for guitar enthusiasts. Housed in a wooden sleeve, The Deputy is a premium compact head and, in keeping with the Victory tradition, is designed and hand-built in England. If you are looking for a small, portable all-valve amplifier capable of going from 60’s blues cleans to classic rock, this could be your next amp!

Single Channel Design
The Deputy’s single channel effortlessly spans from 60’s British Clean to 70’s Classic Rock with a single gain control. This amp is straightforward and perfect for seamlessly transitioning your guitar’s volume from clean to crunch to lead gain. With 25 Watts of power, you’ll enjoy ample clean headroom.

The Deputy features a three-position Voice switch designed to provide maximum versatility by adding a bit of extra gain. In Position 1 (top), you get the lowest gain setting. In Position 2 (middle), you enjoy a maximum of +6dB gain, influenced by the Gain settings on the amp. Position 3 adds upper mid frequencies and a treble boost to Voice 2.

The Deputy has a simple three band EQ that is in-line with the amp’s simple, yet versatile aesthetics and sound.

The bright control is a simple switch to add some top end, allowing you to shape the sound of whatever you use before the amp exactly the way you want it.

A series effects loop is available for effects fans. It’s completely out of the circuit when bypassed.

No need to fiddle about inside when you change output valves. The Deputy will be fitted with EL86s as standard but can be biased to use EL84’s too.


  • Format: All-valve, single channel compact head.
  • Power: 25 watts RMS
  • Valves: 3 x ECC83/12AX7, 2 x EL86s. (EL84s can be fitted) Extra features: Digital Reverb with single Footswitch control. External Biasing. 3-Position Voice Switch. Bright Switch.
  • Size (mm):Unboxed – 220H x 390W x 220D. Boxed – 335H x 600W x 330D
  • Weight: Unboxed – 8Kgs. Boxed – 10.5Kgs
  • Cabinet Speakers: Celestion Creamback 65’ (1×12 and 2×12 cab available)
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